July 2021 Short

How the Angel Banished from Heaven Becomes an Adventurer

Author: Aomi Ryu

Episode 1


The divine realm where gods and angels reside.

Heaven is small in scale compared to the world on Earth, and there are far fewer people living there. However, each person’s abilities are so high that ordinary adventurers would not be able to stand up to them.

The quaint buildings are all majestic, spotless and beautiful, with bright colors that will not detract from the image of heaven.

Well, in the center of such heaven, there was an extremely tall tower that stands above the surroundings. A tower made by intricately stacking white stones that shine like jewels.

On the top floor of the tower, an angel was summoned.

His name is Roel.

On his back were two large white wings. On his head was a white circle that floated fluffily. Golden hair with an unusual luster. A handsome face that stands out even among the angels who are all beautiful men and women.

However, the expression which dwelled in such a face was somewhat sloppy and lacking any motivation.

It’s not that he’s wearing this expression because he was summoned. Roel was usually lazy, and that’s why he was summoned.

The one who summoned him, the deity who unifies the gods – the absolute God, was surprisingly not angry. He was already past his anger, he was dumbfounded.

“Roel. Do you know why you were summoned?”

“No, not a clue.”

He spoke in a tone with no shred of respect, even though this was his superior.

The relation between two is akin to ‘regular employee and president’ or ‘commoner and king’ in a certain world.

If things don’t go well, he’ll be fired. He could literally be culled.

Of course, unlike hell, which the inhabitants of heaven believe to be a lawless zone, heaven has well-defined rules and laws.

It is a white workplace.

However, no matter how white it is, there is a limit. Fools who do not work hard and enjoy their idleness are punished.

He who does not work, does not eat.

“Day after day after day after day you neglect your work, you have the nerve to be so lazy. No matter how brilliant you may be, it means nothing if you do not use it. Do you understand?”

“No, being called brilliant is embarrassing.”

“That is not the focus of the matter!”

“Huh? I thought I was summoned to receive praise.

“No, of course not!”

Zephyrus, the absolute god, shouted with all his might.

He knew there was no point in yelling at this frivolous angel, but he couldn’t help but yell.

Sure enough, Roel doesn’t care. Hahahaha, he laughed cheerfully,

“I’m kidding. And I can imagine why you would summon me.”

“Do tell.”

“You mean make me work properly, right?”



Roel was a little surprised because he was easily denied.

“Erm, well then…”

A bad premonition.

A lot of cold sweat trickled down his cheek.

(It can’t be… no, that was just――)

He was about to deny it, but――

“Not long ago, in the Council of Gods, it was decided that those who continue to be lazy will be disposed of.”

“Oh, I don’t like it, I don’t like it. I don’t want to hear it.”

Ignoring Roel, who was blocking his ears, Zephyrus continues.

“Roel, you are banished from heaven.”

As expected, even Roel’s face also turned pale.

“It’s a lie… right?”

‘It’s true.”

“Why? I’ve been working hard for tens of hundreds of years. Oh, God. I’ve had enough of such treatment.”

The absolute god was amazed at Roel who spoke in a dramatic tone.

“How dare you utter such noncommittal words? When have you ever worked in earnest? No matter how many times we scolded you, you never changed your ways.

“I’m going to change this time.”

Roel was down on his knees in one tenth of a second.

In the culture of a certain country in a certain world, he heard that if you perform this act, the Dogeza, you can get away with all sorts of things.

With his face pressed against the floor, Roel smiles.

(Old man Zephyrus will forgive me with this.)

But he was naive.

“No more chances for a change of heart. It has been decided.”

Roel immediately stood up when he realized that Dogeza was no good.

Tch, he clucked his tongue in a sulking manner.

“You’ve forgiven me so far…”

“In all honesty, I tried to pardon you this time as well.”

But, Zephyrus continues.

“The other gods are quite angry. I could not defend you.”

“No, please try harder than that.”


Zephyrus said instantly.

“Well, this is a good opportunity. Go down to earth and accumulate even one of the virtues.”

“Then, will you allow me back here?”

“…… Maybe.”


He was disappointed with the vague wording.

Roel has never been to Earth, so he’s not sure what it’s like down there. However, looking at the sinfulness of human existence, he could somehow guess that it was not a good place.

(Even the humans who came to Heaven are like that…)

It’s best not to get your hopes up.

“Human beings, are as irredeemable and stupid as you are, but they are lovable creatures. There will be people of similar mentality to you, so you may enjoy it more than Heaven.”


Roel was stunned.

He, too, has some pride as an angel (though he doesn’t work). Therefore, it was not pleasant to be treated the same as a human, and to be degraded.

“As such, leave this instance.”

“No, no, no no, nooooooooooooo”

Like a spoiled child, Roel rampaged.

Snap, Zephyrus snaps his finger.

Then, out of nowhere, about four knights in white armor appeared, restraining Roel’s limbs and taking them out of the room.

The four knights wore full-face helmets, so he didn’t know what they looked like.

However, with their supernatural powers, and monotonous movement without the fragment of life, perhaps they were created by Zephyrus with magic.

Without a word they carried Roel in silence.

They arrived in front of a huge hole that led to Earth. In the depths of the hole, which he avoided at all, a chaotic haze was spreading.

“Let go of me!”

As Roel, who had not given up, was struggling, a noise ran from the helmet.

“Quite so. You can use your angelic abilities to some extent, though with some restrictions, so go ahead and enjoy yourself.”

After being told so, four knights threw Roel into the hole.

“Be well, Roel.”

“I’LL REMEMBER THIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiii――”

Episode 2

“Hey, sweetie. Why don’t you play with us?”

As she was spoken to, she turned around and saw three rough-looking men standing there.

They looked familiar. They’re the perverted adventurers who stared at Claire with passionate, disgusting sexual eyes while she was registering as an adventurer in the Adventurers Guild.

In this case, “Why don’t you play?” does not mean a meal or a date, but a more direct invitation. What’s more, you don’t have the right to refuse this invitation. If she refuses, she will be forced to go along.

Claire inwardly clicked her tongue.

(I was being followed…)

She’s annoyed at herself for not realizing it. At the same time, she was trying to think of a way to escape this situation, her mind working full speed.

She couldn’t come up with any good ideas.

(Help… I don’t think I can call anyone.)

Claire’s now was currently on a deserted road.

Calling for help won’t reach anyone, and even if it does, it is very unlikely that a kind person will come to help.

The other party also spoke out in anticipation of that.

“The only person you can count on is yourself.”

Muttering so, Claire drew her sword and readied it.

It’s not just a sword. It’s a weapon that is effective by pouring magic power into it — “Magic Attire”.

Most adventurers usually have their own attire. Claire’s attire was not cheap at all, but it’s not a first-rate item either.

Claire poured her magic into her Magic Attire. The blade glowed faintly as it was imbued with magical power.

The men saw the situation.

“Eh, what? You want to fight us?”

“You better not. You’ll get a scar on your beautiful face.”

“Do you think a new adventurer girl can beat us?”

Gyahahaha they laughed aloud, finding it funny.

Certainly, Claire, a new adventurer who has never held a sword in her life, would be no match for three adventurers of her caliber.

(Still, I won’t give up!)


As she ran with her sword raised above her head, she swung her sword down to the men. The blow was too large and full of gaps――

“Oh. It’s scary, so scary.”

It was very easily avoided.

The man’s spinning kick slams into Claire’s midsection, knocking her off balance.


Claire rolled on the ground.

While moaning, she tries to pick up the sword he has dropped.

With a lecherous grin, the man flicked Claire’s sword away with his feet and kicked her again — this time in Claire’s face.

Claire fell on her back.

“Hey, who wants to start?”

“Me, I’ll go first!”

“No, it’s me.”

The thought of what was going to happen to her caused Claire to panic.

(I’d rather die …… than be violated! )

Claire bit her tongue in an attempt to die, and the men tried to lower her pants to attack Claire.



A young man fell down from the sky.

The young man landed on the ground using the thug as a cushion. The well-built man, who became a cushion, slammed his head into the ground and fainted.

“Who the hell are you!?”

Of course, no one would expect people to fall from the sky. Both of them were puzzled, but at the same time, they were angry that their fun had been interrupted.

“No, that’s my question. Who are you guys?”

He asked back, but…

“Uh… No, I don’t care who you guys are, yes. Rather than that, teach me more about Earth. I don’t know much about this place.”

“Are you kidding me?”

The young man’s face twisted in displeasure at the man’s remark.

“You’re the one who’s joking, aren’t you? What’s that stupid face? Stop messing around.”


“Hey. Let’s just kill him, this bastard.”

The three were quarreling.

Claire was moved by the savior who suddenly appeared in front of her.


He was as beautiful as a god or an angel. Was he two or three years older than she is? He had a slender body, but she could feel his incomparable strength.

“Please help me!”

Claire clung to the young man.

The young man compared Claire, who was crying with her face swollen, and two dirty men,

“Hmph. I, the Great Archangel Roel, will help you.”

He decided to take Claire’s side.

In order to acquire knowledge of Earth, neither age nor sex matter, also a pretty girl is better than a bearded old man.

And above all-.

Angels are on the side of the weak.

“You guys. Doesn’t it break your heart to hurt a good girl?”

“It doesn’t, you dumbass. Don’t get in the way of our fun!”

The man threw a punch.

A straight that seems to be full of gaps but is surprisingly quick and straightforward. In fact, this man was a fighter in an underground arena before he was an adventurer.

Roel caught the right straight, which was able to put an opponent into a coma with a single blow, with his left hand while stifling his yawn.

“Wha… no way!?”

The man was astonished, saying it was impossible. He quickly tries to draw his fist back, but it doesn’t budge.

Roel’s palm tightens slowly like a vice. The wrapped fist makes a creaking sound.


He screamed from the pain.

“Ow, ow, ow. It huuuuuurts…”

He is used to inflicting pain, but probably not being in pain.

Did Roel find the man’s screams annoying?

“Quiet down”

He slapped the man’s face with his right hand.

The impact dislodged his jaw and he rolled around the ground like a joke.

“You want to fight me too? Well, I’m a pacifist angel, so I deplore violence and such—”

“I’m sorry!”

The remaining man had his knees on the ground at super speed,

“I’ll never do this again, please forgive me!”

“Hmm, what should I do? I’d like you to demonstrate your sincerity, not only on your knees but also in other ways.”

“Si, sincerity?”

Roel grins with a mystified expression on his face as he says…

“See, I just arrived on Earth, didn’t I? I don’t have a penny, do I? So, I was wondering if you could make a donation to the Great Lord Roel. What do you think?”


The man handed all his money to Roel.

“Well, that…”

“Yes. You guys are of no use anymore, so you may disappear.”

As Roel made a gesture to drive them away, the man dragged the two stunned companions as he fled.

Episode 3

“Are you okay, missy?”

“Y, yes…”

The girl nodded as she held down her swollen cheeks.

Her age is 17 or 18. Her hair, eyes and skin tone are quite close to Roel’s. She has a pretty beautiful face for a human. So much so that you could use the metaphor, angelic.

(Well, not as much as I, an angel.)

She may be a noble or royal lady due to her elegant appearance. However, she is dressed in a cheap outfit.

“Yes. Let’s heal the injury.”

“Wh, what are you…”

When he touched the wary girl’s cheek, Roel cast a spell.

“〈Lower Recovery (Heal) 〉”

A soft light envelops the swollen cheek kicked by the thug. By the time the light went out, the girl’s injury had healed splendidly.

“Normally I would charge you money, but I’ll give you a special discount. In exchange, can you tell me a lot about Earth? 」

“Yes, I don’t mind that…”

The girl looked suspicious for a moment, but immediately regained her expression and bowed her head.

“Thank you for your help.”

“Uh huh. It’s a virtue to be grateful. There are a lot of people in the world who take it for granted when they are helped, and that really bothers me.”

Roel complains about heaven, but the girl doesn’t know what he’s talking about and can’t hide her confusion.

“Um, I’m Claire. If you don’t mind, could you tell me your name?”

“Oh, of course.”

Roel wanted to give his name, so he nodded with excitement.

“My name is Roel.”

“Mr., Roel …”

“I’d like you to not use ‘Mr.’ because it’s half-hearted. If you are to call my name, either throw it out or add “Lord.”

“Then, Roel”

He was expecting her to call him “Lord Roel” with respect, so he was honestly disappointed when she called him casually. He is an angel, so he wants to be honored by humans.

(Isn’t it common to say “Lord”?)

It’s not good to impose things on them, but he would like to be referred to by Lord if possible.

And Roel, in an allusion to the name, decided to appeal to Claire as such.

“By the way, my recommendation is Lord Roel”

“You seem very strong, Roel, you must be an adventurer, right?”



Since Roel is not a devilish sinful being, he has accepted being called casually with the generosity of an angel.

(That’s right. I’m a kind angel, so it doesn’t matter how she calls my name. I don’t care at all…)

The murmur of the heart seems to have leaked from the mouth, and Claire asks while squinting.

“Um, is something wrong?”

“No, no, nothing at all. I don’t care at all that I was called that way by someone I just helped. It’s not like I think she should respect me more or anything.”


Claire had a look that said, “What are you talking about”.

“And your occupation is…”

“I’m an angel.”

“What? An angel?”

Claire’s eyes blinked.

“I’m sorry. Is an angel jargon for something?”

“What? Jargon?”

This time, Roel blinked.

“No, it’s not jargon, I really am an angel…”

That’s where he realized.

(Oh, come to think of it, being an angel is not a profession.)

Angel is the name of a race, like human, demon, and elf.

(If so, what is my occupation?)

In heaven, he didn’t work hard and spent his days in gloom.

Still, on rare occasions, he did his job as an angel, so in a way he was not a NEET (although he was practically like one).

But what about now?

As a result of too much slacking off, he was driven out of Heaven from Zephyrus.

Roel today has no wings or the ring that angels should have. He has no identity as an angel.

And no job.

“…… I’m unemployed.”

“I see. Where Roel is from, unemployed people are called angels. Isn’t that strange? But why call them angels?”

“No, no. Yes, I’m unemployed now, but it’s true that I’m an angel.”

“That’s right!”

Claire clapped her hand as if to drown out (or ignore) Roel’s argument.

“You should be an adventurer too, Roel!”


Roel doesn’t really know what an adventurer is.

Roel remembers that some of those who came to Heaven after their death were people of a profession called adventurers, but many of them were not very nice.

He was curious as to why such people came to heaven. Those who were supposed to be transported to hell must have ended up in heaven by some mistake.

And one thing bothered him.

“You should be an adventurer too, Roel!”

Normally, since Claire is an adventurer, she would suggest, “Why don’t you join the same profession as me?” It seems to me that she is suggesting that he become an adventurer.


(No way, she’s not saying ‘Let’s team up together’――)

“Actually, I just became an adventurer.”

Claire timidly said. She’s already hinting at it.

“I couldn’t get into a decent guild with my abilities… for the time being, I was going to go on quests solo, but…”

However, eyes shine and she speaks strongly.

“With you Roel, we would be a force to be reckoned with. Become an adventurer and earn a lot of money with me!”

Claire’s big eyes were like those of a hunter who found her prey.

A premonition of trouble

“So let’s team up!”

(What a hassle…)

It was a mistake to have the idea of doing something angelic once in a while. Roel should have acted like Roel.

“It’s not good to rely on people.”

“You can’t say that.”

“Oh, that’s right. I had an appointment with a friend.”

Roel said in a blatant monotone voice.

“Roel, you have no friends.”

“Yes, I do!”

She is quite rude.

“Then, I bid you well.”

When he raised his hand and said goodbye, Roel turned 180 degrees and tried to run like a rabbit.

He did―― but it failed.



He was hugged from behind.

The soft feel of her chest.

A woman’s unique fragrance.


Roel, who is as profane as a human being despite being an angel, could not shake Claire away and escape. To be honest, Claire’s looks were his type.

“Dear me!” Roel sighed, then he turned around and said,

“Very well. It’s just for a while, okay?”

“Yes! Thank you!”

And so, Roel became an adventurer and walked with Claire. Will the day he returns to heaven ever come?

Roel’s adventure has only just begun.

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