Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 143


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Chapter 143 – The End of the Even-Match

“Ara, well, oh my, this time it’s that one? Somehow, what a really amazing fight!”

From the highest seat, the voice of a carefree goddess could be heard.

Normally, I would be distracted, but now I’m not distracted in the slightest.

“Fufufufufu, splendid. Earth Lagann. With only left-fist techniques, thou skills do not fall short of Wacha’s… I am increasingly delighted.”

And, although the former member of the legendary Six Supremacy also liked it, now is not the time to be pleased about it.

“A bit more… even so… I can’t get it.”

I’m trying to hit the target, but I can’t.

High-speed lefts lash out while tossing him around with my steps.

However, as if he was reading my movements ahead of time, Wacha handled them, and just when I thought I’d hit him, he’s gone.

“【Great Demon Jab】!”

My jab can’t be evaded after seeing it.

But this guy could evade it.

To think that he’s avoiding all this by anticipating my movements with only his experience and intuition, he’s quite formidable.

Because there was no strategy.

And I’m not just running around.

“Howacha! Howa, 【Arcane True Zenith Jeet Kune Do】!”


If I’m not careful, he’ll land a counter in between my left-handed strikes.

Moreover, feet, elbows, fingers, back fists.

He also attacked with the parts of the body that I can’t use.

I guess this is what it means to have a lot to draw from.

“Howacha! 【Arcane True Zenith Short Strong(Fajin)】!”

“【Great Demon Left Corkscrew】!”

My left and Wacha’s right clashed.

In destructive power… I’m on top!



My left side, which was driven by the screw, was more penetrative and destructive.

Pushed by my fist, Wacha’s upper body leaned back, throwing him off balance.

Right here, I’ll be able to close the gap between us… but… anyway, it’s an invitation, isn’t it?

“【Arcane True Zenith Demolition Fist】!”

“【Great Demon Parrying】… kara~”

“Uo, you defended against that too?!”

“【Great Demon Chopping Left】!”

Sure enough, the moment I closed the gap, he countered with a straight middle thrust.

But I knew it was coming, so I parried with my left hand.

And then it’s the same thing all over again…

[Ah… no hit! It’s a dizzying technical battle as they repeatedly attack and defend at the same time! No, it’s already amazing that Earth can contend with Wacha in a technical battle!? But Wacha isn’t being overpowered by Earth’s youth and vigor! They’re evenly matched! Such an amazing match!]

“Older brother, fight on fight on, fiiiiight oooon!”

“Big Brother, give it your all!”

“Come on, let’s see you give a cheer Big Sister Sadiz~!”

“G, go for it… fure fure, go for it.”

Neither of us could land a decisive blow.

Therefore, our faces still remain clean.

Certainly, the current situation is even, as the host said.


“Hahaha he is overestimating our chances aye”

Wacha chuckled.

The reason was simple.

“Such a shame, I’m attacking with every part of my body, whereas my opponent is attacking with only one left hand… I’m appalled to hear that we are evenly matched, aye.”

Yes, using only my left, I haven’t lifted the ban on the right yet. I haven’t even head-butted.

Wacha himself probably knows what that meant in this evenly matched situation.


“Don’t worry. I’ll be serious, but the theme is just the left.”

“Hahaha. I don’t know if it’s okay to feel at ease or if it’s better to be depressed, so subtle aye…”

Still, I have decided to stick with the left.

So I don’t hit the right.

Until this match, that is.

“But… your fists are too technical aye… you…… why don’t you use a sword aye?”


At that point, Wacha asked me during the interval of the battle.

That question, anyone who knew about “my identity” would be curious.

“My father may have been a hero, but that doesn’t mean I’m his successor.”

“…… What?”

“That’s why ‘this here’ is my path, my choice.”

Wacha seemed surprised that I am the son of a hero, but did not use a magic sword.

I showed Wacha my fist and taught him my style again.

“…… It’s not just a rebellious phase… apparently, you really don’t want to choose the path of a magic swordsman… well, that’s probably why your bare-hands have reached such a high level aye…”

Then, somehow, Wacha nodded as if he was convinced.

“So… you…… seem to know my father.”

“You’d have to be crazy not to know aye”

“You’re not hiding it.”

“There’s no point in playing dumb with you, aye… and…”


“…… hmm, no… yeah…… but…”

I also asked about Wacha.

However, Wacha seemed to think a little…

“I have some history with your father… so I thought…… I’d share that destiny with you aye…”

“What? Destiny?”

“Umm… if you’re not following the same path as your father, but walking your own path… hmm, because holding a grudge is really unbecoming… I’m at a loss aye. You see, the organization I belonged to was crushed, and the boss was tossed into prison by the hero…”

You don’t just know my father, do you?

An acquaintance? History? What the heck……

“Are the goddess and the High Priestess watching over there aware?”

“I don’t know a goddess, but… the High Priestess knows of course aye. On top of that, they are letting me roam free… that… makes it easier to detect the movements of …… ‘that man’.”

When I glanced up, Jamdi’el was looking down with a fearless smile.

I mean, who was ‘that man’?

“Hero… history…… the final key… there’s a lot of stuff that concern you aye…. it can’t be helped. For now, I’ll just focus on the fight aye.”

Wacha had a lot of doubts and thoughts, but now he’s ready to focus on this fight and faced me again.

[Oh-uh, what’s this? The two seem to be talking with some serious expressions… however, they must have come to a conclusion! They’ll clash with their fists once more! All right, show off more of that high-quality battle!! 」

“””””Uoooh, good, do it!”””””

I didn’t really understand our conversation, but cheers rose as we were about to start fighting again to our hearts content.

Apparently, the crowd wanted us to “Stop messing around and fight”.

Well, it can’t be helped….

“All right, I’ll focus.”

There are many things that I was curious about, but I nodded my head in agreement.


“And… I thought I’d let you experience a little more of me, but… that’s it.”


“Because I’m… really going to get ‘focused’.”

My body was warm enough, and my nerves and senses were sharpened high the high-level of attack and defense.

“Seriously? You’ll use the right, aye? Or maybe…… the High Priestess is curious… the secret technique, Break――――”

“No, no. Still just the left. But with the left… I’ll hit you with a left that is more focused.”


“Not the breakthrough. Not with magic, but… nerves…… and mind…”

Now, I can “get in”.

“I’ll show you. The ‘zone’… and….. end it in an instant.”

I went into the Extreme Concentration Mode.

Author’s Note

An exciting morning. But today, as I said yesterday morning, I’m going to the 15th anniversary event of Syosetu, so I can’t update two chapters, please forgive me.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    I’m glad we’re finally seeing hints of a major plot-line developing. Not to say I didn’t like the rest but it felt like the introduction to the world phase had been dragging on.

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  2. I wonder if Extreme Concentration Mode was something he gained from his Magical Breathing training or his own special move he was working on.

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    1. I think it was the state of mind Rival (Rebal? whatever) had at the peak of their fight. It’s isn’t something he came up with or really a technique, it’s a state of being kinda.

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