Short Stories

April 2020

The Tale of a Girl Abandoned by her Companion and Dropped to the Bottom of the Abyss to Meet the 《King of Demons》

May 2020

Welcome Back, My Dear

June 2020

Without Showing this Wound

July 2020

Though I have the Unique Skill 『Save & Load』, I will be Expelled from the Hero Party No Matter How Many Times I Start Over, Rather Fight Back- I deal with my Ill Fate and Mess Up the Hero

August 2020

Ich Liebedich – The Love of the Demon King Who Destroyed the World

September 2020

Is There Anyone Other Than Me Who Would Travel Back in Time Just To Eat ‘Pizza’?

October 2020

The Firefly that doesn’t Chirp Burns with Love

November 2020

The Life of the Saint Called the Mother of Heroes

December 2020

It Seems the Goddess wants me to Blow up Normies

January 2021

Happy New Year, Please Go Out with Me

February 2021

Flowers and Skulls

March 2021

The Reincarnant Dies Once More ~ Alternatively, the Captain’s Decision ~

April 2021

Dystopian Brides

May 2021

A Deal with the Devil

June 2021

In a Rotten World, I Really Don’t Want it to be Rotten

July 2021

How the Angel Banished from Heaven Becomes an Adventurer

August 2021

Otherworld Reincarnation as the Peerless Exiled Villainess Sage Demon Lord Fail-skill Cheat Harem SSS Rank – Adding All the Trends Makes You the Strongest, But the Other World is Already Slow~

September 2021

The Golden Wheel King and the Red-Haired Dragon

October 2021

Mirror House”

November 2021

Skill: Rise with the Master Key(Main)!

December 2021

Helping Santa Claus Isn’t Easy!

January 2022

New Year in the Kingdom of Elgrand

February 2022

「Mer, I Love You」

March 2022

When I, The Main Heroine, Died, The Sub-Heroines Got Serious!?

April 2022

I Was Told That If I Confessed My Love For Her 100 Times, I Would Go Out With Her, So I Confessed 99 Times and Stopped.

May 2022

The Machine Gun Goddess I Met On the White Desert Battlefield

June 2022

The Reason I was a Villainess

July 2022

When I Thought about Dying, I Was Caught by my Quibbling Childhood Friend

August 2022

The Evening The Fox Falls, I Think Of You

September 2022

No One Came to My Daughter’s Birthday Party

October 2022

The Tabi Pouch from the Tango Region

November 2022

First Steps

December 2022

I Woke Up To Find My Long Estranged Childhood Friend Kneeling Over Me In a Miniskirt Santa Costume

January 2023

Send The Rabbit to The Moon

February 2023

Otakkies Case File No. 114 – The Reason She Wears Fishnet Tights

March 2023

“The Way I Die” In This Hopeless World…

April 2023

The World Is So Wonderful

May 2023

Entrusted to a Single Flower

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