Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 111

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Chapter 111 – The Scramble

The ruling class of Ōizumi, after failing to conquer the Apollo Star System, lived in a large space colony floating in the satellite orbit of the planet Alcaeus.

Space colonies are less secure and have higher operating costs. If an accident occurs, it would have a tremendous impact on the planet, so much so that the Monarchy hardly allows them to operate except in the early stages of settlement and the transition period of migration to other star systems.

The reason they had no choice but to live in such a place was because they feared that the anger of common people against the ruling class, who lost the war and had their homeland destroyed, would be directed against them.

The space colony that Yuen of Ten-to provided instead allowing them to reside in the Ten-to Star System is a 200-kilometer-high cylindrical structure that contains a beehive-like, multi-level, multi-purpose facility inside.

The energy comes from stellar photovoltaics, and most of the resources are recycled within the space colony.

The cylinder was surrounded by a ring-shaped multipurpose spaceport, and many pillars like orbital elevators connected the two facilities.

The Tenka camp has only one Daemon Spirit King left. The space colony was to operate until they either took over a Monarchy star system or immigrated when they created a realm in the new star system.

On that day, Yúnlán of Ōizumi was asleep in his living quarters, two blocks away from the Space Colony’s Central Command Center. Then an alert sounded on the terminal, and Yúnlán was awakened from the dream world.

Yúnlán, who turned to his terminal and activated it, quickly asked Mariel, his contract spirit.

『What’s the situation!?』

『The spirits of the Monarchy have reached the space sector ​​1 light day outside the realm. There they used the energy they brought with them to develop a pseudo-realm and create a teleportation gate. Daemons are transmitting to their contractors. I triggered the alert on Yúnlán’s terminal.』

In other words, the Daemons spontaneously issued a warning.

As a succession of inexplicable words sprang up, such as “brought energy” and “pseudo-realm”, Yúnlán set aside his doubts and focused on the most important matter.

『I see. In my name, issue an order for Type 1 combat deployment order.』

『Very well. And you might think of this as a replaying of the Battle of Apollo. Even within the realm of Lady Zirke, the effect is limited because the opponent can counter it. So it’s better to intercept them early before they get too close to the inhabited planet.』

In the short time that Yúnlán had to change clothes, Mariel sent out various orders using Yúnlán’s name to the Ōizumi Army.

An emergency call is ordered to Ten-to and Hercules leadership.

The estimated size of the Royal Army and orders to launch the interception force.

In addition, he ordered the addition of six gates in the Hercules Star System, to create an exit transition gate facing the invading Monarchy, and to send out the fighter crafts.

『If we deployed them normally, we wouldn’t make it in time, so we asked Lady Zirke to do it for us.』

The six transition gates that Mariel requested are located in front of the Transition Gate which is connected to the Ten-to Star System, mooring at the construction facility, and one next to the space colony. And there were three in the fighter craft spaceport.

A total of 1 billion fighter crafts will be sent out using the six transition gates, in both the Hercules and Ten-to Star Systems.

The reason why such a large number were mass-produced was that there was a plan before the Battle of Apollo to use two Daemon Kings to connect the transition gate to two star systems of the Monarchy and invade them.

However, the Tenka fighter craft is 120 meters long, which is about 1/16 the volume and 1/10 the combat power of Israfel’s 600 meters.

As with the Apollo Star System Battle, if the output anomaly effect of the magic engine could not be obtained, 1 billion Tenka crafts were only equal in strength to the 100 million Israfel crafts.

『Good luck out there.』

As soon as Mariel concluded as if it were someone else’s problem, Yúnlán rushed to the Space Colony’s Central Command Center.




In between the Transition Gates created by the Monarchy and the Alliance, countless explosions of light that were not kind to the eyes were blinking on and off.

The number is innumerable and exaggerated, and the first group on the Monarchy side, the 164.13 million large fighter crafts Surtr, and the billion fighter crafts Yunfu launched from the Tenka side are just crushing each other in order from the front row.

Even so, due to the explosion light shining in the entire sector where the enemy was engaged, the fronts of both armies were dyed pure white as if they were covered with white clouds.

It is far more efficient to line up in an orderly manner and crush them at an advantageous range than to scatter apart. Backed by Linnell’s AI, the Surtr trampled the Alliance’s fighter crafts like heavily armed infantry charging in a dense formation.

“First attack unit is engaged with the enemy. The six star system armies and the enemy continue to spread up, down, left and right, engagement area has exceeded 200 million kilometers. Communication failures due to magic element storms are frequently occurring, battle command from General Headquarters is being hindered.

“Let each commander decide on commands in the field. The only objective of the operation is to annihilate the enemy. No need to hesitate. Orders are to kill the enemy in front.”

The interception started unexpectedly early, and the Monarchy was not able to deploy the fusion missile launch facilities it had prepared in time. On top of that, as long as they charged from the front, it was inevitable that it would become a simple crushing match with the interception force.

Millions of Surtrs have already been dropped, and the Tenka fighter crafts Yunfu, of which there are eight times as many, have also been reduced to wreckage. The wreckage of the fighter crafts is raging in the embattled sector, and both armies continue to spread up, down, left and right to avoid physical threats.

The strength rating between the large battle craft Surtr, which incorporates Linnell, and the enemy Yunfu is 12.5 fold.

All of them were semi-amateur pilots, and it was presumed that the reason why the Monarchy side could only produce results below the evaluation was that the territory was advantageous to the other side.

To complicate matters, the Alliance was slowly retreating from the position of the Transition Gate.

The Monarchy, while chasing the enemy, is forced to advance through the wreckage and take losses.

『Lulu, if we continue the battle, how much of the Spirit God Spirit Crystal will be consumed before we reach the enemy star system?』

『It depends on how Papa fights. Only Grandma can replenish energy, so the longer the battle, the more disadvantageous it will be. So I recommend sending out all the following troops and having a short-term decisive battle.』

When it was pointed out that it was up to him, Hart was greatly convinced that it was true and felt ashamed.

It’s logical that a short-term decisive battle is enough, and Spirits and Daemons cannot interfere without a contractor.

No matter how powerful the Daemon Emperor is, if he eliminates the Alliance’s fighter crafts and destroys the planet Alcaeus, making it an uninhabited star system, the energy supply of miasma will be cut off, and the realm will be worthless to maintain.

It is possible that the direct contractor, Ishidor, could pull out on his own after his death.

Hart immediately operated the communications device and gave orders to the entire army.

[Fleet Admiral Amakawa, the Commander-in-Chief, orders the all forces. The second and later groups must immediately engage and crush the enemy in a short-term decisive battle. The realm of this star system is in the hands of the enemy. The enemy’s output anomaly effects cannot be intercepted indefinitely. Annihilate the enemy while the jamming effect is still intact.]

The six armies received the order from Hart, which was sent repeatedly amidst frequent communication failures, and ordered the second group of Israfel under their control to enter engagement.

The six turbid streams of light that began to flow at a constant velocity toward the explosive light were reminiscent of the six great rivers flowing into the ocean.

The turbid current of light pouring in drowns the pilots in the Sea of Death.

In the enlarged footage, the black shadows of the reapers advancing in an orderly manner emerged in the explosive light.

The Israfel pilots, who were usually responsible for defending the star system and far more skilled than the large fighter craft Surtr, showed the fruits of their training without regret and crushed the unskilled pilots of the Alliance side.

The reason why they can’t shoot smartly and end up crushing them forcefully is because there are too many Israfels. A salvo of 30 million main guns in each direction would be an unavoidable waterfall of light for enemies in the area where they were shot, no matter where they fled.

And Hart recommended the current battle strategy.

“Our forces are overwhelmingly superior throughout the entire battle sector. The battle line is spreading from the sides to the front.”

“Keep pushing. Pour in the fighter crafts and saturate the enemy’s ability to cope.”

As long as they hit the enemy head-on with their vast military power, it was already factored in from the beginning that it would be a crushing battle with the enemy’s force.

On the battlefield in which Israfel participated, the Alliance was forced to retreat as the Monarchy army advanced. Otherwise, they would be swallowed up by a swarm of large fighter crafts and crushed to death.

The battlefield of both armies was forcibly pushed into the star system.

The third group, the Aristocratic Army, showed various movements.

Hart had ordered all the armies to attack, and because of the frequent communication failures, there were differences in the judgment of the field, which was given discretionary authority.

Of the two princes participating in the battle, the First Prince, Bernard, became the rear guard of the second battle line, filling in where the Monarchy’s forces were thin. Although he himself did not directly contribute to the war effort, he has appropriately invested his own troops and steadily supported the whole.

Josslan, on the other hand, has been able to flank the enemy with his high-speed forces, and safely uses his long-range fortress and fleet cannons to get behind the enemy out of their combat zone. Josslan’s acquisition of a new Order of Valor was almost a certainty.

From the standpoint of the Commander-in-Chief, Bernard’s move is the right one.

However, the Artemis Star System Army, in which Josslan participates, has many troops brought in by the Duke of Takrham, which compensates for the thinness of the formation to the same degree as Bernard’s Athena Star System Army.

Bernard is stubborn when he thinks he is right, and Josslan is the one who chooses pragmatic interests in an easy-to-understand manner. And when he saw that Duke Takrham and Lysine were making up for Josslan’s lack, the image of the next Sovereign suddenly crossed Hart’s mind.

Although the problem of Duke Takrham’s device remains, he felt that Josslan, with his team’s overall strength, would be a reasonable choice for the next Sovereign.

“Prince Josslan is likely to be the next Sovereign, but Prince Bernard’s move was solid. If this is what decides it, I will testify that the two princes were influenced not by their individual superiority or inferiority, but by differences in character.”

Claudia, who was at the other end of Hart’s gaze, gave a wry smile.

Claudia’s ancestor, the first Duke of Coesfeld, who was supposed to be crowned the second Sovereign, handed over the throne to his brother for the future of the Monarchy and led the royal people to realize interstellar immigration.

It may be easier than the Monarchy’s first interstellar immigration, but if he was doing something for the good of the Royal people at his own loss, it’s in line with Claudia’s will. She didn’t say it out loud, but she seemed to agree with Hart’s opinion.

The Royal Army, which began to advance with a forceful push by numbers, continued to advance towards the planet Alcaeus, dropping about eight times as many enemy vessels as it had sacrificed itself.

The drop-to-shot ratio is low because the pursuing Royal Army is advancing through wreckage at high-speed.

The wreckage of destroyed fighter crafts of both armies have become a storm of mines in the sector. Since the shield is not perfect, a direct hit would inevitably result in damage.

Nevertheless, the Monarchy, which had invested overwhelming force, continued to travel at 200 million kilometers per hour for about 26 billion kilometers to the star Hercules, while dispersing the Alliance fighter crafts.

“In the space around this fortress, a reaction that seemed to be the enemy’s transition gate occurred for a brief moment and disappeared.”

Upon receiving a report from the communications officer, Hart was convinced that Lulu interfered and countered it.

What the Daemon Emperor, who seems to be one of the grandmothers, can do, Lulu can also do. More precisely, it seemed that she saw what the Daemon Emperor had done, learned how to do it, and immediately interfered with it.

She does not devote much resources to the output anomalies that occur in the magic element engines of the Monarchy vessels, and only thoroughly uses energy to deal with fatal situations.

Hart also endorsed Lulu’s policy.

“The Daemon Emperor’s interference was basically prevented by the spirits on our side. However, an early settlement is crucial. Regardless of the sacrifices made by the fighter crafts, we must push forward to the enemy star system at once with all our might.”

Due to the large army on the Monarchy side, the exhausted troops were pulled back from the front line and were able to advance while resting their pilots on autopilot.

The Royal Army, which never slowed its advance, eventually reached a distance of about 5 billion kilometers from the Hercules Star System at the cost of tens of millions of crafts.

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