Forbidden Master – Part 6/Chapter 252


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Chapter 252 – The Devil’s Aid

[Boss~, you there~, if you don’t respond~…… Right! Coman dear! What’s the title of the erotic book Earth uses most often!?]

[Huh? Wh, what are you a, asking the girl!? N, no way, the ero that Earth uses often… ‘Pleasure Craze!’. The Busty Cool Big Sister Collection’ … ugh~, I’m going to cut your tongue with a rusty saw, okay?]


At the same time as a voice I didn’t want to hear, I heard another voice, so I hurriedly took out the magic crystal from my pocket and spoke up.


“Hey, Coman! You, just how much do you have to piss me off!”

[E, Earth, I’m sorry!]

“Hey, drop that feeble act! You don’t think you have anything to be sorry about, do you?!”


Coman was a traitor and a follower of Paripi.

It seemed that she was properly looking into my secrets, but to be honest, I don’t know how much she knew, so it may be the worst.


“So, what is it, why did you suddenly contact me?”

[Don’t be so cold~, boss, I’m just trying to make sure you’re not having any trouble on your trip, like the delivery of the Master Key~]

“Quit that ‘boss’ thing! Also, if you give me the Master Key, don’t worry about the rest. It’s just unnecessary meddling.”

[There you go again~, so that’s the Ghenkan fishing port, right? In that case, I got a man there… he’s in charge of the smuggling operation, so I’ll tell him to assist, shall I?]

“Like, I, Said! That is unnecessary!”

[Looks to me, you are in need of women, right? Then, why don’t I send Coman over? You can use her as a practice partner for making babies with Kron someday. I’ll gift you a pure girl that no one has ever touched!]

“Such an offer is availa—eh? Bastard, what is that proposal!”


Oh~, I was surprised. Wait, is this one of his turfs?

What do you mean by smuggling? Well, in a big fishing port like this, it wouldn’t be strange if one or two people were doing bad things, but…

Also, he said women, a woman!

If Kron and Shinobu didn’t like me, I might have considered it a bit, but…


[Such a thing… h, how cruel, Earth… certainly I don’t have big breasts, or a great figure… but I can play the role of a flesh doll, can’t I?]


No, I can’t. This girl, after she exposed her true identity and defiantly took it upon herself, I couldn’t understand her anymore.


[Hihahahaha, well, if Coman dear is not your type, I’ll prepare something else, okay? I’ll send you a catalog of the best professional escorts for you to choose from ♪. Shall we get down to business?]

“What business? You’re the one who messed up the whole conversation!”


I feel like I’ve been yelling non-stop since the beginning. Getting involved with this guy is really crazy… but that catalog was a bit … no, I don’t need it, do I? But I’d like to take a glimpse at it…


『Oi… Child…』


No, no, just kidding. So don’t look at me like I’m a bug, Tre’ainar.


[Well~, the Master Key will take a few days to arrive, but I will entrust it to the person in charge of the smuggling ship that is heading there. I’ll contact you when it arrives, so be sure to receive it properly, okay?]

“…… Smuggling ship…… hey…… isn’t that kind of reckless? If that’s the case, I don’t want anything to do with it at all…”

[Hihahaha, don’t worry, it’s just weeds. Weeds ♪]

“…… Weed? Why are you smuggling that stuff?”


Paripi doesn’t have a bounty on him. But, just like in the Heavenly World, this guy happily commits malicious deeds. He doesn’t care about the law or anything like that.

I wondered what such a man was smuggling, but it was just weeds…


『Oi, child… ask what plant the weeds are… well, in any case… they are most likely addictive… when used…』

“Hmm? Addictive when used?”


And when I wondered if I was making a big deal out of it, Tre’ainar was muttering beside me with a sullen expression.

Then, as I mentioned it, from the other side of the magic crystal…


[Oh? Hihahahaha, hey, you’re very perceptive, Earth. No….. perhaps the one by your side kindly informed you~?]

“Oh? What…… bastard…”


By now, he probably knew most of the answers. However, I am not going to confirm it.

It’s kind of unsettling.


[Hihahahaha, well, putting that aside, you got the Master Key, right? And there’s one more thing I want to give you.]

“Wh-what? What is it…”

[You’re short of funds, aren’t you~? I don’t suppose you can register as a Hunter anyway.]



At that moment, I was a little ticked off.

The frustration came precisely because I just learned about the sense of accomplishment that I had steadily earned money through sweat.


“What? Don’t tell me, bastard, are you trying to give me cash? In that case, that’s none of your business. I’m in the process of learning the value of labor. I don’t want to get any favors from a bastard like you.”


From the flow of the conversation, I thought that Paripi must be trying to help me with money.

That’s why I refused to accept the offer.



[Hihahahaha, you don’t want cash? But you’ll need something else, right? You have to accept it.]


[Because it’s something you definitely need to have in order to travel the world, Boss.]


A must-have for traveling around the world? Other than money?

Not knowing what it was, Tre’ainar and I looked at each other for a moment and tilted our heads.

Then, from the other side of the magic crystal, Paripi …


[Of course. It’s your ‘fake ID’.]



To accept something like that!

I’m begging you, don’t get people involved in crimes by uttering illegal things like you’re breathing!!

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