Forbidden Master – Part 1/Chapter 7

Breakthrough with the Forbidden Master vol.1 Cover

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Chapter 7 – The World after the Demon King’s Fall

――In such a short time, all answers correct … My little man. At last, my lessons are going through…. Yoyoyo

And so, with tears of joy, Sadiz granted me permission to go out before dinner.

All questions were answered correctly in a short time. I’ve never had such a pleasant feeling, and I did a guts pose.

“Well, as thanks I’ll take you where you like.”

『Um. Then go where is most prosperous. 』

“Oh, leave it to me.”

I got out of the mansion, passed through the high-end residential area, and arrived at the downtown area, which is also the center of the Imperial city.

『A lot of development… There is no air of slaughter as during the war… Such positivity…… Tis so peaceful. 』


『And this is… those fellows, the world they gained by overthrowing me….. 』

Outside for the first time in over ten years. The Sky. The City. Civilization. And a lot of people.

It may be complicated for Tre’ainar, a demon and enemy of mankind, but it was also the moment when he was finally able to go out into the world.

That’s why Tre’ainar was silently watching the scene in front of him for a while.

“Oh, I’m tired! I don’t know, I’m up for a drink today.”

“Hehe, welcome. Your wife would like this.

“Nah! Move along buddy. Get lost!!”

A scene that spreads. It’s a common “daily life”.

“Mama, what’s for dinner today?”

“Well, what do you want?”


“That’s right. Today is Daddy’s payday, so I think I’ll splurge a little.”

Men on their way home from work. Housewives with children shopping for dinner.

There were many young students at the end of the school day chatting with their friends while leaving school.

“…… So…… What do you think of this?”

What do you feel about this scene? I asked with a simple interest.

『Tis absolutely deplorable. A gathering of wretched human filth. Living their feeble lives with constant chatter and smiles. How I wish to exterminate them right now. 』

Even though it’s a spirit body, his cold eyes sent a shiver down my spine and I was conscious of his bloodlust.

The guy I thought would be useful was still the Great Demon King.


『However… no matter my opinion, I am the vanquished…. as such, at most I shall ascertain my impressions. My actions can have no consequence on the future, beyond that. 』

There, at least I didn’t feel any resentment or hatred.

On the contrary, reflecting on his own outlook made him laugh out loud. Looking at his back he seemed a little aggrieved, but the Great Demon King nodded convincingly.

“Is that so?”

『Well, I have yet to convince you. Nothing I can do about it now. 』

Yes, it can’t be helped anymore.

Just because I was the only one who could see and hear his voice, it is not possible for the Demon King to affect the world now.

That’s why all he can do is to see the world my father and his comrades have won through me.

I feel a little pity for this guy who can only do that, but I decided not to ask any more questions, because it was not my place to say anything about it.

However, this is how the Demon King is honestly expressing my feelings, and hearing that I asked other things I was concerned with.

“Hey…’The Hero’, Hiro…… My father… Was he strong?”

『Huh? Hiro? 』

“Ah. I’m my father’s son, but I haven’t had any practice with him, and now we’re at peace, so I’ve never seen him fight seriously.”

My father is the great existence who I can’t avoid always being compared to.

However, I do not know father’s actual ability because I only know the achievements and honors that he accomplished.

In that respect, he and my father were adversaries who fought to kill each other.

In a sense, it is no exaggeration to say that he knows my father’s power more than anyone else.

『Hiro… my opinion of…… your father… 』


『…… Or rather, the Heroes…… 』

With a slightly serious expression, he looks back on the past, and Demon King looked like he’s talking about my father.

『The Hero party was very unfair and could not read the situation! Tis no exaggeration to say they know not the meaning of ‘fair and square’! Aaaah, so abominable!! 』

…… he’s holding a preposterous grudge.

“No, no, wait. Unfair…”

『The very height of cowardice! How is that acceptable? At the final battle… They invaded the Great Demon Palace…. and the seven warriors led by Hiro reached my base. 』

“Seven people… Oh…… ‘The Seven Heroes of Humanity’.”

『Yes! However, usually when it comes to that junction, should single battle between the Demon King and the strongest hero not decide the fate of the world? However, they… all seven, attacked in unison! Including your mother!』

The Great Demon King’s aura which seemed to have revived a little while ago blows up in a rage that hit with such furious momentum.

『Exactly! Moreover, as if it was not ridiculous enough, that Hiro… “Humanity all over the world, grant us your power” to implore such an outrageous appeal, and all mankind did send power to Hiro, beaten I was by a huge sword that combined all that power together! Absolutely unfair! 』

Well… If you stand on the side of the heroes and listen, you would be moved as the heart of humanity united as one.

However, from his point of view, it is certainly a bit unfair to have to fight alone against all of humanity.

“But as the leader of the Demon army, you would have to represent your side…”


“At that time, did your subordinates —–“

『No more questions. Enough for today! Show me the city again tomorrow! 』

When it seemed the mood became awkward, the Great Demon King immediately derailed the conversation to forcibly bring it to an end .

Apparently, it was a subject I should not touch.

“Uuugh… geez, but I’ll be at the academy tomorrow, so it’ll have to be afterwards.”

『Worry not. I am also interested in the institutions that nurture human warriors. 』

For the time being, it seems that there is no harm to me, and this one can’t do anything.

I’ve been possessed by something strange, but I can go along with it for a little bit.

『Hmm? Child. The books that are stacked in the bookstore over there…… also some promotion, but… 』

And, the Demon King who stops me on the way to the mansion.

Looking back, the Demon King was looking at a bookstore with a small crowd in front.

Come to think of it, I’m sure today…

“Hmm? Oh. ‘Destiny Grand Order’ released today…. “

The sequel to the world-famous series of novels will be released. I’m not interested, but…

『Wh, what, that? Does it have anything to do with ‘Destiny Stay Night’? 』

“Ah… was that an early entry from about twenty years ago? It’s been made into a series, but…”

『What? Tis now a series? 』

At that time, the Demon King looked as if he had been struck by lightning.

No, the Great Demon King, who by all means should have been able to receive a high-level lightning spell with no damage, opened his mouth with a really shocked expression….

『…… Oi, purchase it. 』

He suddenly struck his face at mine, and talked with bloodshot eyes.

“No, why would the Great Demon King… want a human book…”

『Race has naught to do with culture! I read it long ago….. I despise your people, but that story fascinates me.』

“Oh! Are you really the Great Demon King?”

『Really! Now go on, child… present it to me! 』

“Hah~!? Why me!? Also, how will you read even if I bought it! You can’t touch books.”

『You can turn the pages! Do not mock me! 』

“S, so stuborn…”

At first, I was irritated, him being all self-important, but in the end he seemed very pitiful. Well, if it’s just one book…

“Aah, okay already. I’ll buy it for you.”

『A worthy cause! 』

He’s so delighted with just that…

For now, I’m just going to wait and see what happens.

『Ah… however, can you buy it? That book had depictions of some extremes in the early days and should have been age-restricted … 』

“Huh? Is that so? No…… I’m sure it’s been rewritten for all ages.”

『If restrictions apply, there are other ways. I once bought two reference books for my studies and put in-between them….』

“Wait, you also use the sandwich strategy when buying ero-books?”

…… Well, let’s wait and see. A little longer……

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  1. “Mama, what’s today’s rice?” would be better off being “Mama, what’s for dinner today?” I havent seen the raws but the child probably said 御飯 which can also be read as rice but in this context means meal, specifically from the time it was asked most likely dinner.

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    1. Huh! You have a point. As rice is a staple food that goes with everything in Japan it could be used generally to refer to the meal. Also I always try to keep my translation faithful to the setting not the language it is translated from so your suggestion totally makes sense. Thank you for your input.


  2. Tre’ainar is totally gonna fall in love with Mashmallow XD. It’s also nice to see that he’s totally an otaku.


  3. My favorite character likes one of my favorite series,awesome

    Knowing Treinar,he likes Kirei and Saber,but hates Shirou lol


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